Performance Tuning Software: $500k+ per year in affiliate income

Plug-and-Play Tunes

The brand manufactures plug-and-play tunes for turbocharged cars. Additionally, they sell intakes, fueling kits, and various other performance upgrades.




Plug-and-Play Tuners

$25k+ per month commissionable; $70k+ total

October 2020

Partnership Overview: Value Drivers

After 6-months of convincing, this brand finally launched an affiliate program to partner with our blogs. Within the first 6-months, we were driving $30k+ per month of commissionable revenue to their ecommerce store. Our blogs drive trackable revenue of $70,000 per month, however, only approx. 40% of the revenue is commissionable due to a short 10-day cookie window.

As the brand continues to release new products for new brands and vehicles, we continue to grow our partnership and drive strong conversions for the brand. The clicks we send convert at a 4% conversion rate with average order values in excess of $400.