BMW Performance Parts Brand: $600k+ per year in affiliate income from 1 publisher

Aftermarket Performance Parts

The brand is a manufacturer of aftermarket performance parts for BMW vehicles. They sell intakes, intercoolers, chargepipes, downpipes, etc.




BMW Performance Parts

$50k+ per month

January 2020

Partnership Overview: Value Drivers

Our in-house blog,, partnered with a brand that manufactures and sells BMW performance parts direct to consumer through their Shopify store. Our blog generates approx. 300,000 monthly visitors. Upon partnering we began generating new content to promote the brands products, growing from $3k in generated revenue in our first month to over $50k per month less than a year and a half later.

The brand reaches out directly when they launch new products and asks us to promote the new products to our existing audience by writing new blog posts. Our single blog alone has generated over $400k in lifetime revenue and is currently run-rating $600k+ of annual income for the brand. Imagine what can be done for your brand with us in your corner and our publisher base of hundreds of blogs just like ours.